What is CBD?

CBD is trending as a natural supplement. Many people have started using it and swear by the benefits that they have received. Yet, still many people are confused about what CBD actually is. People have formed misconceptions that CBD gets you high, that it is illegal, it can only be taken one way, and much more. This blog will provide you with the information that you need to know about CBD.

Cannabidiol is a natural compound derived from Cannabis Sativa plant (also known as hemp or marijuana). Just like of the components of cannabis, CBD does not make the person feel intoxicated. CBD is a great treatment option for people who want all the benefits of cannabis without the “high”. Research shows that people can become dependent on cannabis, but with CBD itself, there have been no signs of abuse or dependence potential.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is easily obtainable, whether it be online or at local stores. It is legal in many states of the USA and around the world. However, there are many restrictions on it. For example, in some places you need to have a CBD license to obtain medical marijuana, there are also specifications about how much THC can be present in the CBD product. It is important that you do research before purchasing your CBD product to ensure that the company is supplying legally and that their products are of high-quality.


This is the most easily attainable form of CBD and what most people will think of when you mention CBD. There is a long list of products that are infused with CBD that you can purchase now, ranging from edibles to oils that you can vape. It is important to note that there are different types of CBD oil on the market as well. You can choose between full-spectrum CBD which contains less than 0.3% of THC which means you could receive a positive on a drug test or CBD isolate, which is the purest form you can get (it is the CBD is separated from all other compounds) and you solely benefit from the effects of cannabidiol or you can get broad-spectrum CBD which is the mix of the two which contains all the compounds from the cannabis plant except the THC.

Difference between CBD derived from hemp and marijuana

The hemp plant has a much higher concentration of the cannabidiol compound and almost no THC with the volume being below 0.3%, it is harvested for food, clothing and cosmetics and the flowers are used for their cannabinoid content. Marijuana on the other hand, has a much higher concentration of THC and is harvested more for the euphoric, psychoactive and relaxation properties. The CBD molecule from both plants is the same, regardless of whether it is derived from high-volume or low-volume cannabis plants. Although the CBD is the same, not all CBD oil is the same. The hemp-derived CBD oil tends to have much lower contents of THC than the Marijuana-derived CBD oil. If the CBD oil contains a large amount of THC it can get the user high, the psychoactive effects are usually limited though because CBD counteracts the high.

Not all CBD oils and products are manufactured the same, therefore, they may have different effects. It is important to look into the product before using it to ensure you are getting the correct type of CBD oil that best suits your needs. The extraction methods can also have an impact on purity and can contain potentially harmful substances if extracted in certain ways.

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